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Amazon Web Services

RobbinsIT is currently using AWS for hosting as follows:

Load Balancer – Sends you to a healthy server. Stops send traffic to an unhealthy server.
Clustered EC2 instance – At least 2 running in each cluster at all times. Does auto scale based on server loads.
Running Apache Web Server with Web Application Firewall.
Malware detection and removal software.
Individual web site areas backed up nightly to S3 bucket automatically.
Automatic snapshots of all production servers.
Elasticache(memcache) used to cache pages
Cloudfront – Content Distribution Network – Used to store images and videos
Route53 – DNS services used by many of our customers

What we do to give you peace of mind?

First – we setup what Amazon calls security groups inside a VPC(Virtual Private Cloud). This is pretty much just a firewall but can utilize AWS objects on top of normal hostname/IP address/Port filtering.

Second – We use Chef, a configuration management system, to ensure all servers have the same configuration. We use it also to deploy Operating System patches.

Third – and of course, for all the WordPress installations, we maintain the latest patch level for WordPress, plugins, and themes.

Fourth – as mentioned above, your data is backed up nightly.