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Fireside Discussion – Websites in the 21st Century

Do I need a website for my business?

You own a small or medium sized business. Do you really need a website?

First off, you may have been quoted some outlandish pricing for your website… but first thing’s first.

Do you really need a website?

If you answered no, please join us in the 21st century. We’re waiting for you! Let us give you some profound advice: Get a website! Robbins IT can make you a website at an affordable price. We can also help promote your website.

Now, let’s address those of you that have websites. Here are the questions you need to ask:

1. Is it older than 5 years? If it is, general rule of thumb is that it needs an update; both content and visual-wise.
2. Do you have technical issues? Broken links or 404 file not found errors? Performance issues?
3. Not happy with your current structure and layout?
4.  Is your website visually appealing?
5. Is your website responsive to all devices?
6.  Do you have poor Search Engine Optimization(SEO)? i.e. if you aren’t getting traffic then the answer is “Yes”.
7. Has your business changed? In a positive way?
8. Are you looking for an extremely reliable and secure hosting service?

This is where Robbins IT can help you, without causing a financial crunch on your business. Professional web design backed by a fully managed, extremely secure, and highly available hosting service. Your data is always backed up.

And we don’t charge extra like most hosting companies.

Check out our web plans today!