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WordPress Vulnerbilities

A few months back, we saw this happen to the latest WordPress release: “Millions of WordPress websites are at risks of being completely hijacked by the hackers due to a critical cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability present in the default installation of WordPress”.

While solutions for securing a WordPress environments came quickly and eventually a patch to fix, keeping up with WordPress Core, Plugin, and Theme updates are not going to protect you for the unknown, what potential security reason is in the latest release of WordPress. By the time you find out, it could be too late.

That is why we at Robbins IT not only apply Operating System and WordPress security patches, but we also run a Web Application Firewall(WAF). This runs in “front” of getting access to your website’s files and database. Our WAF has been customized by us to keep the strictest rules in place while still allowing WordPress to function.

We also run Malware detection and removal on all files on our web servers.

On top of this, every customer’s website is backed up twice daily. Once as a complete server backup and once for each individual website(including domain and all sub-domains).

We feel at Robbins IT we offer an affordable solution to create a professional website and host it in a extremely secure environment.

We are committed to giving you peace of mind from concept to website go live and on.